Cardiology Bath

Modern investigations

"We work as a multidisciplinary team - therefore we are not limited by the expertise of an individual physician or bound by geographical variations and resources"

We provide the full spectum of modern investigations and our mission is to provide you with a definite answer, as simply and safely as possible and with the least invasion. Our network and portfolio allows us to avoid old fashioned intermediary investigations which all too often result in equivocol or uncertain results.


We believe in efficiency, experience and convenience - why wait months when you can complete things quickly, in a pleasant environment at a location near you with easy parking?


Here is a sample of our most frequent modern investigations: 

Advanced echocardiography including stress & exercise stress
Transoesophageal echocardiography including 3D
CT (non-invasive) coronary angiography
Radial access coronary angiography including pressure wire and advanced intravascular imaging (IVUS, OFDI)
Cardiac MRI including stress perfusion imaging
Ambulatory ECG rhythm monitoring, implantable loop recorders and patient-led home rhythm monitoring devices
Now also delivered direct to patient in partnership with Heart Rhythm Direct