Lower Cholesterol

Dietary, lifestyle

and exercise 

"Improve your blood pressure, cholesterol and even conditions like atrial fibrillation without the need for more tablets or invasive treatments down the line . . . or reverse existing conditions and reduce your risk of recurrence"

The majority of cardiovascular conditions are related to the modern diet and lifestyle which in turn lead to cardiovascular 'risk factors' such as high bood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes (when combined with being overweight this is labelled as 'metabolic syndrome' - the modern world pandemic). Although we are enthusiastic and have expertise in the full spectrum of advanced modern medication and procedural treatments we are equally passionate about the power of diet to help our patients.


We provide the first fully integrated, cardiologist led, cardiovascular programme in the UK encompassing the full spectrum of preventative and advanced treatments. Through a tailored dietary and exercise regime using contemporary evidence, it is possible to significantly improve a range of cardiovascular risk factors and conditions, sometimes avoiding escalating tablet treatments or recurrent invasive procedures.

Relevant conditions and services to the dietary & lifestyle programme include:

Weight control
High blood pressure (hypertension)
High cholesterol (lipid modification) - dedicated service for Statin
intolerant patients 
Atrial Fibrillation
Obstructive Sleep Apneoa
Angina and coronary heart disease
Rehabilitation and prevention after heart attack, stenting or bypass surgery 
Medically supervised and tailored exercise programmes with heart rate tracking