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The next generation of private cardiology clinic . . . 

A Team approach to your heart health 

Traditionally private healthcare is all about the individual - you see one doctor, receive one opinion and one perspective.
This is not the way we operate - by working in a team with complimentary expertise and skill sets you get the whole spectrum of cardiac investigations and treatments.
I suppose it's tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail
- The law of the instrument

Always based on the latest cardiology 

evidence & guidelines

Cardiology is fast paced and constantly changing - rapidly evolving evidence, guidelines, technology and techniques. Standstill or work in isolation and you're out of date. 
Our team are actively involved in international education, course development, society representation, text-book authorship, guideline contribution and research . . . and so always up-to-date and current.

A modern service . . . contemporary Cardiologists

To us it seemed clear there was a better way of doing things for patients. A contemporary cardiology opinion, with access to all of the most modern diagnostic techniques and treatments to provide patients with the most efficient, least invasive and definitive care. 
We are not constrained by geography with an out of region network for certain highly specialised treatments. Our job is to simply recommend the best option without compromise. 

Integrated care with the patient at the centre of everything we do


Medical culture is conservative but we aim to emulate other industries in levels of customer service and communication. We are proud of our relatively unique integrated approach to heart health which spans everything from diet to the most advanced interventional treatments.  
By focusing on the basics, in many situations more complex treatments and chronic medications can be avoided through simple dietary changes.

Little things matter.

We started with the little details. What would we want as a patient?

We would want to get our appointment quickly, at a location and time that was convenient to us (including evenings and weekends).
We would want our investigations and treatments performed efficiently, at a convenient location with easy parking 
and for letters to get back to us and our GP within 48 hours (including via email).
Issues around health can cause a lot of anxiety - we would want the experience to be as nice as possible. To be seen in a nice environement with reassuring, friendly service at every point of contact.

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Cardiologist Bath


Cardiologist Bath

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